Focus on Fish 2022 - Practical refinements for fishes in research and testing

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The use of fishes in research and testing is rapidly increasing globally, and there is now widening recognition of the need to minimise harms and improve welfare. This RSPCA-led online event, which is now in its third year, brings together experts to share cutting-edge knowledge and approaches to refining fish use, enhancing both animal welfare and translatability.

2023 Session Replays

Whilst this event was free to attend, any voluntary donations are appreciated as they will help us to continue to hold similar conferences, meetings and workshops in the future.


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Event Day – Online
Session One:
Chloe Stevens | RSPCA
The zebrafish model in biomedical research – From 3R’s to reproducibility
Lars Bräutigam | Karolinska Institutet
Time to de-stress: effect of social cues on wild zebrafish behaviour and activity
Anuradha Bhat | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata
Transgenerational effects of early life adversity on zebrafish behaviour and cognition: implications for housing and standardization
Matthew Parker | University of Surrey
12:20 - 13:15
Session Two:
Improving the welfare of captive reared fish
Carlos Garcia de Leaniz | Swansea University
How understanding fish behaviour can improve the welfare of fish in research
Sonia Rey Planellas | University of Stirling
Early life history of Atlantic salmon: implications for aquaculture research
Erik Burgerhout | Nofima
14:30 - 14:50
Session Three:
MS222 and its alternatives: a journey through behaviour and synaptic proteins alterations in adult zebrafish
Jorge Miguel Ferreira | i3S, University of Porto
The role of water chemistry in zebrafish welfare and reproducibility of research studies
Rod Wilson | University of Exeter
A to Z – Alligators to Zebrafish: Why use electric stunning?
Robin McKimm | Electro Fishing Services Ltd
16:05 - 16:15
Meeting wrap up, take home messages of the day and close
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Poster submissions

Poster submissions highlighting refinements for fishes in research and testing are very welcome. If you have a poster that you would like to be included in the virtual poster session on the day of the meeting, please email using the title ‘Focus on Fish – poster submission’.

Who should attend?

This meeting is appropriate for all those involved in the care, use and regulation of fishes in research and testing, including:

  • Scientists
  • Animal technologists and care staff
  • Veterinarians
  • Regulators
  • Members of Animal Ethics Committees, Animal Welfare Bodies (including the UK AWERB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees

Whilst this event is free to attend, any voluntary donations are appreciated as they will help us to continue to hold similar conferences, meetings and workshops in the future.

2022 Edition

The event was the third edition of Focus on Fish, with the previous event having taken place on  23/02/2022. 

The session replays can be found below.

Topics included fish welfare, practical refinements for fish & welfare assessment and humane endpoints.


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Sophie Turner
Event Manager – On behalf of RSPCA

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